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In 1993, one man, pursuing the “American Dream” set out to build a company that would service local community businesses in Hialeah, Florida with innovative distribution solutions. Today, that company services businesses in more than 25 countries. Although All Florida Paper has grown substantially, the entrepreneurial spirit that was present at the beginning has remained throughout its history. From our top executives to our newest employees, everyone believes in the power of a good idea.

At All Florida Paper, you can have a rewarding career on every level. In addition to challenging and meaningful work, you’ll have the chance to give back to your community, make a positive impact on the environment, participate in a range of diversity and inclusion initiatives, and find the support, coaching, and training it takes to advance your career. Our commitment to individual choice lets you customize aspects of your career path, your educational opportunities and your benefits. And our culture of innovation means your ideas on how to improve our business and your clients’ will be heard.

All Florida Paper is one of the leading privately held distributors in the United States, specializing in paper, janitorial, sanitation, and chemical products . We provide powerful business solutions to businesses in over 35 industries, including some of the world’s most well-known and respected companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How can I send in my CV/resume to AFP?

To maximize your chances of success, we would encourage you to submit your profile directly to an advertised open position.

Click Here to be directed to our Open Positions.

Please do not submit your Resume/CV directly through the “Contact us” option. This will only delay your CV being routed to the appropriate recruiting professional.

Q Does AFP participate in any career events in Florida?

At the moment, All Florida Paper does not participate in career events in Florida. We do however participate with select colleges and universities in the State in terms of recruitment. Contact us to see if we will be at your next event.

For Students & Recent Graduates, please Click Here to learn about opportunities.

Q I don't see the job or location I am interested, Can I still apply for it?

The particular jobs available at a given location can change daily, so you should check the site often to see if a position you’re interested in has opened up. You will also be able to see if a particular location of interest is actively recruiting and what job opportunities are available there.

Q I inquired about a part-time job, when will I hear back from someone?

Thank you for your interest in working with us. Please keep in mind that we receive a high volume of interest in our part-time opportunities, and not every candidate will be contacted. Although our recruiters routinely review inquiries submitted through our website, appointment times are not always immediately available. But when an opening does appear, you may be contacted for an interview or a tour.

Until then, please note that your application will remain active for at least 60 days from the date you submit it. You are welcome, however, to submit a new job inquiry.

Q I am scheduled to interview for a position, and need directions.

Directions to the All Florida Paper’s Medley Office is located on Google Maps, just Click Here..

Q What can you tell me about the importance of Diversity at AFP?

As a organization that does business in over 25 countries, All Florida Paper embraces diversity at every level. With our unmatched ethical practices and promote from within culture, employees have an opportunity to grow and succeed within the organization. At the heart of all that we do, diversity allows us to bring different perspectives together and help the world work better for everyone.

Q Does AFP provide support for ongoing education?

Success, to All Florida Paper, means hiring the best people and investing in their ongoing development. That means, as your career goals change and grow, we can support you with the tools and education you need to keep advancing.

Q Does AFP have a promote-from-within culture?

With our unique promote-from-within culture, you’ll always find exciting new opportunities at every level of the organization. From training and education to growth and empowerment, you have the freedom to forge a career path that can take you anywhere you want to go. We also encourage employees to pursue and accomplish their educational goals, while taking advantage of AFP various support opportunities.

Q What advice would you give someone, wanting to work at AFP?

From the driver’s seat and the customer service desk to the executive suite, every position plays a leading role at here at All Florida Paper. We understand the importance of staying true to your needs and believe that when you’re doing what you do best, the sky is the limit. We also encourage you continually enhance your abilities, both professionally and personally. To help you, we offer several programs which will assist you in developing the knowledge, skills and values necessary to confidently step into a leadership role within AFP.

Q Does AFP provide training to its employees?

Going the extra mile for our customers means having the right talent in the right place at the right time. That’s why we’re constantly challenging every member of our team to take the next step in their career. Here at All Florida Paper, we believe education is an ongoing process. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering rewarding opportunities that can take you anywhere you want to go. You’ll have the freedom to forge your own career path, while gaining the tools you need for continued growth within the company.

Our training programs help you understand the business and expose you to multiple opportunities at every level of the organization—no matter where you want your career to go..

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