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Business Solutions in Ten Market Segments

All Florida Paper (AFP) is a leading privately held distributor in the United States, servicing businesses in more than 35 industries and throughout 25 countries. With thousands of product lines, AFP is a key partner with businesses in over 10 market sectors, ranging from education to healthcare, and food service to janitorial and sanitation. In addition, the company offers redistribution services in the United States, and exporting services throughout Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean.

building-services-contractorsBuilding Services Contractors

As many more of these buildings are being constructed, management companies have outsourced the maintenance of these facilities to Building Service Contractors. As more of these management companies are outsourcing the maintenance of these buildings to building… (Learn more)


In an industry where performance and consistency are the key success factors, we will work with you to keep your educational institution performing at its very best. We provide the products from the best suppliers in the industry that help you facilitate an effective learning environment, keep your… (Learn more)

export-redistributionExport & Redistribution

We provide exporting and redistribution services for more than 6,000 products to businesses across 35 industries and over 25 countries. Using some of the most sophisticated technologies and resources in the supply chain industry, along with our state-of-the-art warehouse, inventory tracking, storage… (Learn more)

food-serviceFood Service

In an industry where quality and consistency make or break your food service establishment, we will work with you to manage these critical factors so you can focus more on taking care of your customers. Partner with us, and you will quickly discover that our approach to business’ like yours is unparalleled… (Learn more)


In an industry where competitive pricing and quality products are the key success factors for any supermarket and grocery establishment, we will work with you to improve you business’s bottom line, while maintaining a fresh and clean customer environment. We provide the best products at cost-efficient pricing… (Learn more)


In an industry where precision and an unwavering commitment to quality are critical, we will work with you to maintain the standard of care patients’ demand. We provide the very best products in the healthcare industry that will enable you to master your patients’ dietary needs, keep your facility sparkling… (Learn more)

janitorial-sanitationJanitorial & Sanitation

In an industry where cleanliness and appearance can influence your customer’s decision in becoming loyal, we will work with you to maintain the level of sanitation your customers expect. We provide the most effective products in the janitorial and sanitation industry that will help you control your… (Learn more)


With our chemical division’s experience and commitment to excellence, we understand the quality of the products, and your knowledge and experience determine your reputation and success in the laundry business. Partner with us, and we will work with you to improve your operational efficiency… (Learn more)


In an industry where customer service and presentation determine your status and success as a business, we will work with you to maintain the level of service and quality your guests expect. Partner with us, and you will quickly discover that our approach to business’ like yours is unmatched. We provide… (Learn more)


In the warewashing business, we understand that you are measured by the quality of your products and equipment, and also performance. Partner with us, and we will work with you to reduce your energy costs by up to 20%, prevent breakage of dinnerware, become more energy efficient, and provide… (Learn more)

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