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In an industry where customer service and presentation determine your status and success as a business, we will work with you to maintain the level of service and quality your guests expect. Partner with us, and you will quickly discover that our approach to business’ like yours is unmatched. We provide the very best products in the hospitality industry that will help you manage all your flooring needs with excellence, create a welcoming environment for your guests, and master all your housekeeping and laundry requirements.

Our lodging division has quickly grown from providing products for a few common places at small establishments, to supplying the needs of some of the largest hotels in South Florida, from restroom, janitorial and sanitation products and chemicals, floor chemicals and carpet care cleaners to facial and bath tissue, air fresheners, and vacuum cleaners among others.

In addition, we will soon be offering many new products for guest rooms, which will include linens, curtains, draperies, and blinds. At All Florida Paper, we strongly believe that in order for us to become a valuable partner, we must provide you with exceptional service, along with quality products, at competitive prices.

What we Offer

Over the years, we have assembled one of the leading sales forces in the industry dedicated to providing you with the best service and products your establishment needs. Our primary responsibility in this partnership is to make certain that we supply you with the products you need, when you need them, so you can provide your guests with an outstanding experience. Below are just a few products and products we can offer your business:

  • Our in-room products will allow your guest to have a wonderful experience in your facilities. From amenities to bath and facial tissues,and wrapped cups and air fresheners to carpet care and odor extractors, we have all the products that you will ever need.
  • Our chemical program is offers conventional products, as well as a specialty product lines of made from bio-renewable resources.
  • Our towel and tissue program consists of products made from virgin fibers, recycled materials, and bio-renewable resources.
  • We have a wide selection of take-out containers, plastic and paper cups as well as napkins. In addition, we our able to custom print your logo on for poolside dining and corporate events.

Laundry & Warewash Programs

In addition to the products we stock, we also offer two complete programs, which are (1) one of the best laundry programs you will experience, and a (2) warewash program for all your dining facilities. With both programs, our chemical division will provide you with the technical support and service when needed in order to have soft and plush linens as well as sparking china and utensils.

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