GOJO Launches New Counter Mount Soap Dispenser

GOJO Industries Launches New Counter Mount Soap Dispenser Built for High Traffic Markets


CXT™ Touch Free Counter Mount System All-Metal Fixture with Lifetime Performance Guarantee

GOJO Industries, a leader in hand hygiene and skin health and inventors of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer, launched GOJO® CXT™ Counter Mount Soap Dispenser, a new line of all-metal counter mount hand soap dispensers. The CXT System is built for high traffic, high volume markets, such as casinos, airports, sports/event centers and shopping malls, where soap dispensers are used by millions of visitors each year.

Hand soap dispensers in restrooms can affect the image of a facility. In a 2008 study commissioned by Quilted Northern bathroom tissue, 66 percent of women report lack of cleanliness to be the most distressing portion of a public restroom experience. (1) GOJO designed the CXT Counter Mount Touch Free system for exceptional durability and visual appeal to create a pleasing restroom environment.

“GOJO has engineered dispensing technology for more than 60 years,” said Steve Smith, Vice President of GOJO Emerging Market Development. “Our experience and intimacy with customers helped us identify where existing counter mount soap dispensers were failing to meet the demands of 24 hour/7 day a week facilities.”

“Before installing the CXT system, my team was replacing a broken soap dispenser three times a week,” said Stuart Brussels, housekeeping manager at Casino Arizona. “Our casino attracts more than two million guests a year and since we have installed the GOJO CXT dispensers about a year ago, there have been zero issues. You can put these dispensers in and forget about them.”

Attributes of the GOJO CXT System include:

  • Die cast metal components and machined brass stem provide exceptional durability
  • Submersible waterproof spout with guaranteed performance even in wet environments
  • GOJO Green Certified Foam formulas in high capacity 2.3L refills with NEAT DISPENSE™ technology designed to prevent drips
  • Largest refill cartridge on the market, 35 percent fewer refill changes than 1.5L
  • Adaptable 360 degree swivel motor housing rotates to fit small spaces
  • Upscale finishes to match any décor, including polished chrome, brushed nickel, gold tone and rose gold

To learn more about the CXT Counter Mount Soap Dispenser go to http://www.gojo.com/united-states/market/casinos-and-hotels/casino/resources/cxt-dispensing-system.aspx.

(1) Study Proves that Women Value Bathroom Cleanliness While Men Want Quality Toilet Paper, 2008 study commissioned by Quilted Northern bathroom tissue. Web 23 April 2010.

Published May 30, 2013

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