AFP Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

All Florida Paper Commemorates the Company’s 20th

Anniversary at Texas de Brazil


Medley, FL – All Florida Paper marked its 20th Anniversary on July 20, and held the celebration with all of its employees at Texas de Brazil on Miami Beach. The night was filled with dancing, award presentations, and all you can eat meat variations. The more than 100 guests were captivated by the speech from Armando Caceres (President and CEO), when he turned back time, and spoke about the early stages of the company all the way through the present. Most people were shocked that he remembered the details of the each of the lives of the first employees, which shed tears on faces of the crowd.

All Florida Paper came from humbled beginnings, starting out with a $50,000 investment, a 3,000 square foot distribution center, and one truck in July of 1993. Now the company has nearly 160,000 square feet in distribution centers, with a fleet of more than 15 trucks. Ever since its founding, All Florida Paper has grown into a leading wholesaler of a wide variety of products including paper goods, chemicals, cleaning supplies, food service, safety products, receptacles, tools, hardware and industrial packaging materials.

The company is a key partner with businesses in over 10 markets, and over 25 countries, ranging from education to healthcare, and food service to janitorial and sanitation. The company offers redistribution services in the United States, and exporting services throughout Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean. Mr. Caceres has always had the philosophy of offering his customers superior quality products at competitive prices.

The award portion of the night was designed to acknowledge employees who have been with the company for 5, 10, 15, and 20 years. For many employees, the night made them feel like celebrities, with the crowd more than 100 strong would be screaming and praising them all throughout the night. The top award of the night went to Luis Piti, who is the company’s first employee for 20 years.

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Published July 20, 2013

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