Armando Caceres is Executive of the Year

All Florida Paper, Inc. CEO Armando Caceres Named

an Executive of the Year by Stanford Who’s Who


Medley, FL – The Stanford Who’s Who has named Armando Caceres an Executive of the Year in acknowledgement of his remarkable professional career. In his position as President, and Chief Executive Officer of All Florida Paper, Inc., he has consistently performed at an outstanding level while displaying the leadership and dedication required to be considered among the business elite. He started with an investment of $50,000 back in 1993 when he founded All Florida Paper, and now the company is worth tens of millions of dollars, and a leader in the paper distribution industry.

Mr. Caceres has been able to ascend to the top of his profession as a result of his passion and dedication as well as his extensive knowledge and management skills. He possesses expertise in purchasing, pricing, and managing his sales force. Most impressive however, is how Mr. Caceres has been able to steer All Florida Paper through the tough challenges of the great recession to prosperity, and being able to report that he has never had to lay off any of his employees since the company was founded more than 16 years ago.

All Florida Paper is a wholesaler of a wide variety of products including paper goods, chemicals, cleaning supplies, food service, safety products, receptacles, tools, hardware and industrial packaging materials. They are a key partner with businesses in over 10 market sectors, ranging from education to healthcare, and food service to janitorial and sanitation. The company also offers redistribution services in the United States, and exporting services throughout Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean. Mr. Caceres has always had the philosophy of offering his customers superior quality products at competitive prices.

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Published June 30, 2010

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