Leasing Program

Laundry Equipment Leasing Program

Plus by Laundrylux is a new revolutionary program in the laundry industry. This is a program that allows you to use new laundry machines without having to make a capital investment.

About the Program

Every business is concerned with cash flow, and always trying to avoid unnecessary capital expenditures. PLUS from Laundrlux requires no capital investment. How you might wonder? Laundrylux installs one of their machines in your facility at no charge, and you only pay for what you use. In other words, you pay per cycle. PLUS machines use a point system to record your use of the machine.

At the end of the month, you will receive an invoice from Laundrylux for the cycles you have used. With PLUS, you pay only when you use the machine, and you have no long-term commitment. While you participate in this program, laundry becomes a utility, like water, gas, and electricity, and as such. This means that you can write it off on your taxes as an expense without laundry equipment on your balance sheet.

What’s are the Benefits?

Not only do you completely avoid making a capital investment and save on taxes, you are not even responsible for the repairs of your washers and dryers. The machine technically belongs to Laundrylux, so they are responsible for all the repairs. You will be able to use a new machine without having to incur any of the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining laundry equipment. In addition, you can replace old machines at ZERO cost. When it is time for new equipment in the future, Laundrylux will replace your PLUS machine at zero cost, so you always have the top of the line laundry equipment.

PLUS by Laundrylux is affordable for everyone regardless of size. Laundrylux will determine your laundry needs and share the information with you for your review, so they can choose exactly the right equipment. They will then install the equipment and train your staff on proper laundry procedures. With PLUS, you will always have the best laundry with your access to new laundry machines, without having to cut into your budget for the purchase of a machine or the repairs associated with laundry machines.

Wash Linens Often?

If your in an industry that consistently washes linens, your guests will always be satisfied with the quality you provide, because with PLUS, your laundry machine will always be new and working, and at optimal efficiency with no extra cost. For peak seasons, PLUS can provide you with additional machines for those periods of times, again at no charge. Also, if you are involved in healthcare operations, Medicare will reimburse you for your use of PLUS, as the US government reimburses healthcare providers for numerous operating expenses. With PLUS, laundry is an operating expense. There is no capital investment.

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