New Hire in Customer Service

If you all haven’t noticed yet, we have a new employee downstairs, working across the hallway from Leilani’s office, and his name is Alex Catasus. Alex joined All Florida Paper June 8, and works with several departments in the company, in order provide extra support. He dedicated himself to being a hard-working individual who strives to stand above his competition. He is very enthusiastic, high-spirited, and team-player, and loves being in a vibrant, constantly moving work environment.

Alex’s Hobbies

He loves basketball, soccer, baseball and studying.

Professional Background

Alex comes to All Florida Paper from World Wide Cargo Logistics, a modern freight forwarding company that has been operating since September of 2000, and is part of an import/export conglomerate that specializes in the handling of flowers. During his duration at World Wide Cargo Logistics, Alex was an associate in their warehouse freezer, where he was dealing with inventory.

Alex currently attends high school at Mater Academy Charter High School.

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