Laundrylux Introduces PLUS

Laundrylux Unveils PLUS, for Healthcare, Hospitality and All On-Premise Laundry Operations


With PLUS by Laundrylux, there is no capital investment in any laundry equipment – you only pay for what you use.

Inwood, NY (PRWEB) – Laundrylux introduced PLUS – a new “pay-as-you-use” system for on-premise laundry operations – to rave reviews at Clean 2013 in New Orleans. Customers utilizing PLUS receive the highest quality laundry processing with Electrolux Professional washers and dryers – with no capital investment in equipment. Parts and service are included forever. It’s perfect for hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, drycleaners, hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and more.

PLUS is reimbursable by Medicare according to cost reporting forms for Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospices, Rural Health Clinics, Hospitals, Renal Dialysis Facilities, and other healthcare facilities.

“PLUS was invented by Laundrylux and patented for use exclusively on Electrolux Professional laundry equipment,” shares Cody Milch, PLUS Product Manager at Laundrylux. “It includes all parts and service labor so we have invested heavily in training our Authorized Distributor network. PLUS is much more than just laundry equipment: it is equipment, software, parts, and local service support as well as our reputation as an ethical, trustworthy laundry partner.”

With PLUS, all the equipment is delivered to the laundry room at no charge to the customer. It includes all parts and labor. Customers pay a fixed charge per cycle to use the washers and dryers–they only pay for what they actually use. There is no lease and no long-term contract. No cash is used with PLUS. Usage is tracked electronically and billed automatically, much like an automobile toll-paying device.

PLUS conserves capital, ensures you always have functional laundry equipment, and is tax advantaged because you write it off as an expense without laundry equipment on the balance sheet. PLUS combines the financial flexibility of outsourcing with the superior quality and control of on-site laundry processing. With PLUS, laundering becomes a utility service, just like water, gas, and electricity. Like any utility, you pay for PLUS only when you use it – with no long-term obligation.

Kim Shady, Senior Vice President of OPL and National Accounts for Laundrylux, is excited to offer PLUS to his customers: “With PLUS, our customers take advantage of a financial model for laundry services that is less expensive over years than purchasing and repairing capital equipment themselves. Laundrylux owns thousands of PLUS machines so our wholesale cost for equipment, parts and labor is lowest and we pass the savings on with a low cost per use. Laundrylux owns the equipment so our customers can be confident we will install the correct equipment for their business and take care of it better than anyone. With PLUS, our customers’ interests and ours are the same.”

“If you have an old laundry room that needs new equipment now but you don’t have the budget for it, PLUS is the perfect solution,” shares Cody Milch. “PLUS is a smart alternative to buying. It frees up capital for more urgent business priorities and eliminates all laundry headaches.”

Published October 08, 2013

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