Potential Employees Look For Facility Cleanliness

A prospective employee is looking at more than the job description before accepting an offer. In fact, the office environment can weigh heavily in their decision, according to a South Florida Reporter article.

Without an attractive, functional workspace, it may be hard to attract the best talent. A list of some of the key features prospective staff consider includes cleanliness.

But a clean office is not important just for potential recruits but for the health of all the current staff. An office that isn’t clean can be covered with dirt and bacteria so workplace cleanliness is vital to keep the staff healthy. A clean environment can help reduce worker sick days and a clean, healthy building also creates an atmosphere that encourages hard work and a collective effort. 

In addition to keeping employees happy, healthy and productive, a regular cleaning program preserves and protects building assets such as carpets, floors, tile surfaces, equipment. It prevents excessive wear and extends lifespans.

It’s also a good way to impress prospective clients, as well as potential employees.

According to CleanLink reports, “When we start to connect the dots between proper cleaning, employee attendance and performance, customer satisfaction and spending, then the value of commercial cleaning will be better understood.”

Other keys to an attractive workplace are:

• Comfort: Getting work done in harsh lighting can be difficult. Having natural lighting will help boost productivity.

• Privacy: Employees want to have a bit of privacy  — whether it’s a private office or cube or just a chance to go to the bathroom without shared stalls.

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