Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters

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Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters

As companies, we rely on communities and their consumer buying power to keep our businesses open, and in return, we incur a corporate social responsibility. We become responsible for contributing to the sustainable development of the communities that keep our doors open.

Over the years, All Florida Paper has consistently donated to various charitable organizations to repay our debt to society. Four years ago, we serendipitously received a phone call from the American Cancer Society regarding the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. We didn’t know it at the time, but that phone call would alter our companies’ perspective on corporate social responsibility. The employee that received that phone call suggested that All Florida Paper walk in the event and proposed that we get t-shirts for the walk. Four years later, we are silver sponsors at the Making Strides walk and our employees and their families look forward  to the  annual event. Many of them volunteer to help organize the event because it has become so dear and near to their hearts.

During our first Making Strides walk, we realized how excited and proud our employees were to be participating in an event for such a good cause. It was then that we realized that our perception of corporate social responsibility was limited. As a company our corporate social responsibility extends beyond writing checks to charities (although those are very, very important). We have a responsibility to set an example in our community and foster the generosity of those around us. We have the obligation to teach those around us about the importance of giving back and show them why our generosity matters.

At All Florida Paper, we make sure our employees know that Making Strides is not just about giving money for breast cancer; the money specifically goes to subsidizing mammograms, helping cancer patients with expenses, investing in research, and providing patients and their families with support. When someone joins, the AFP Believes team, they believe that their participation makes a difference.

For the walk, we do not require our employees to donate in order to walk. What we care about is their participation, so we donate a certain amount of money per person that walks on behalf of All Florida Paper. The idea behind this is to increase participation regardless of an individual’s ability to contribute. This has to do with our philosophy at AFP that corporate social responsibility is about more than money; it’s about inspiring others’ philanthropy and teaching those around us the importance of getting involved.

Here are 7 reasons why All Florida Paper believes corporate social responsibility matters:

We, as companies, have the resources to create a significant impact in the community monetarily. We can do what very few individuals can do on their own. As such, charities rely heavily on our contributions.

We can set a standard for other businesses.

We can foster our employees’ charitable spirits by prioritizing charitable giving as an organization and encouraging them to participate in our charitable events.

We can make it easier for our employees and their families and friends to participate in community service activities. People are compelled to donate to good causes and to do community service, but sometimes, they just do not know how to get involved. We can make getting involved easier.

We can encourage our community, comprised not only of our employees, but also our supplies, customers, and their families, to get involved.

We can help younger generations get involved and become socially aware by making events family affairs.

We can set an example in our community, not just for businesses, but for those near to us: giving back matters and it feels really good.

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