Preventative Warewashing Maintenance

Our goal at All Florida Paper is to provide you with both the highest quality products and services, because when equipment malfunctions, your operations come to a screeching halt. This is why we have designed a comprehensive maintenance program that will keep your dish machine working at peak performance. Preventative maintenance is at the core of our program. We want to maintain your standards and reduce your machine’s downtime. We will provide routine preventative maintenance service for your dish machine free of charge (with select plans). We are confident that these precautions will save you both the stress and money. As part of our program, our technicians will:

  • Check for proper temperature.
  • Adjust thermostat when needed.
  • Check bearings on the motors.
  • Check for proper pressure on final rinse, and adjust as needed.
  • Check for leaks.
  • Check probes and float switches and clean as needed.
  • Clean strainer and solenoid when needed.
  • Check unit for proper filling.
  • Check pH at unloading end of unit.

Because we realize the costliness of running your dish machine with repairs and utility costs, we urge you to regularly replace specific parts of your dish machine which will keep your machine operating at its optimal efficiency, and at the same time, reduce your monthly expenses:

  • Rinse nozzles should be replaced every 6 months (Dish machine’s results will suffer due to incorrect water pressure, sacrificing your sanitation standards and increasing your water and detergent costs).
  • Drain O-Rings should be replaced every 6 months (Overused Drain O-Rings allow water to escape, increasing your water and detergent bills).
  • Solenoids Valves should be replaced every 6 months (Parts can become clogged, driving up your water bill while sacrificing the quality of your results).
  • The Wash Manifold and End Cap O-Rings should be replaced once a year (They, too, can affect the water pressure of your dish machine, forcing you to forgo one-pass dish washing if you want to maintain your sanitation standards.)
  • The Vacuum Breaker should be replaced once a year (Problems with your vacuum breaker can lead to leaks, which will be costly for you to repair).
  • Wash Arm and Rinse Bearings in door-type machines should be replaced every 6 months (Overused, arm rotation will slow or stop, sacrificing your sanitation standards).
  • End-caps should be replaced as needed (They can become damaged with use, reducing water pressure and sacrificing the cleaning power of your dish machine).

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