Our warewash program is user-friendly, reducing the time you will have to invest in training your employees on the correct warewashing operations in order to safely handle all your chemicals used for your dish machine. Accessories, dispensing pumps, reference charts, and labels have been designed by taking into consideration all the safety precautions for your employees. Below are examples of the safety features our products offer:

Rack Dollies

Dollies provide easy and safe transportation for all of your wares. The base of the dollies helps pick up any excess water, thereby eliminating accidents caused by wet floors. These dollies are in the best interest of your em-ployees. Instead of carrying your wares, your employees will easily and quickly be able to transport them by dolly, preventing possible back injuries. Furthermore, the chance of breakage is reduced, as your wares are safely secure in the dolly, and sanitation is preserved, as your employees will no longer have to transport your wares by hand.

Closed System Caps

Many of the most popular SparClean warewash products are packaged in an innovative closed system. This system improves safety by reducing the chances that your staff will come into contact with the chemicals when switching out the product.

Dispenser Units

Depending on the application, our experts technician will install the pump(s) according to your application(s) specific needs, making it more simple and safe when using our chemicals. Pumps are available for low and high temperature application(s).

Product References and Wall Charts

Product identification is easy, as each SparClean product is color and number coded. Our technicians will mount general warewash application charts for high and low temperature machines, as well as three-compartment sink instructional charts, on your wall. These charts are designed to match your products using a color and number coded system, so you can easily reference basic instructions for each product. This system makes our program user-friendlier and therefore safer.

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